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Learn More about Creating Extended Families.

Are you missing a key relationship in your extended family circle?

Whether you have no family, or you are just missing one or more vital relationships in your life, a more complete extended family will provide you with a more powerful support network. Creating Extended Families is a place where people looking for those missing relationships can find each other and connect. Matches are intended to develop into long term family like relationships, which may include such activities as sharing holidays, providing emotional support, and having someone who cares.

You can be matched both intergenerationally and peer to peer. You can search for a parent figure individually as a mother figure or father figure. You can search for a couple jointly as parent figures. You can also search for a peer / sister figure / brother figure. A single membership allows unlimited searching and unlimited matching, so it is entirely possible to be matched with parent figures and multiple sibling figures and, thereby, create a full extended family of your choosing.

There are many ways to meet people online, but the advantage of using Creating Extended Families is that you are more likely to meet people who are looking to take a friendship and develop it into a chosen family.

The following are a few situational examples of where Creating Extended Families (also accessible via Choose My Family .com) can help and be a great resource to you.

  • Foster Care Alumni: Children who grew up in the foster care system, are now self supporting adults, but would still like a permanent parent figure(s) in their life.
  • Orphans: Whether you are orphaned by death or circumstance.
  • Survivors of abuse: Individuals, whose familial bonds are irrevocably broken due to childhood trauma and abuse, often have a great deal to offer and would benefit greatly from a positive parent figure in their life.
  • Adults raised by a single parent: Perhaps you grew up with a mother, who was wonderful, but you still want a relationship with a father figure, or vice a versa.
  • Married/partnered adults: whose only extended family is their spouse/partner's extended family, and they feel that support to be lacking or conflicted.
  • Single/Coupled parents without extended family: There are many parents without extended family who would love to give their children grandparents, as well as have parental figures for themselves. There are also may people who would make lovely grandparents.
  • Couples and singles without children: There are many adults, both men and women, who have a great deal to offer younger adults as a mentor or parent figure, but for various reasons are childless. Perhaps the cost of adoption is too great. Perhaps they do not have extended family themselves to reply upon for emotional and spiritual support, if they had a child on their own. Perhaps they do not have the financial means to bring a child into their home and raise them. Perhaps they have reached an age in their life where they are not prepared to handle a toddler or teenager, but they still have a great deal to offer a younger, self sufficient adult.
  • Anyone who is family oriented, but without family: People who want someone to celebrate holidays with, who want to be there for someone else for the important milestones in life and have someone be there for them.
  • Help for those alone for the holidays
  • Seniors or anyone who feels alone or lonely, because their family lives far away or is too busy.
  • LGBT/Transgender or anyone who may have been alienated due to prejudice or other issues.
  • Anyone with enough love to expand their extended family circle to include someone who needs family.

Would you be fulfilled, if you had someone to share the next holiday with, who wanted your advise, guidance, and emotional support, or who wanted to share their emotional support and guidance with you? If so, try Creating Extended Families. This site was created for you.